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Q: Is the doggie strapped in the booster seat?
    A: Yes there is an adjustable strap inside the seat to attach to your doggies harness.

Q: Can you fit two doggies in the seat?
    A: Yes but depends on the weight combined; max 8kg for the large and max 5kg for the small.  You would also need a twin adapter as there is only one strap for a harness.  Dogs Out Doing brand coming soon, in the meantime try Rogz Twin Adapter, you can also walk two dogs on one leash with this.

Q: Does it eliminate car sickness for doggies?
    A: Yes it can make a difference as the doggies can now see where they're going and feel more secure in the enclosed seat.  I recommend to introduce with small drives to begin with and perhaps introduce the doggie seat in the comfort of the loungeroom.  Once in the car, the doggie will have some calm due to already being familiar with the doggie seat.

Q: Are the liners washable?
    A: Yes the liners are washable, the Deluxe liners I recommend though to hand wash due to the delicate fur.

Q: Can I purchase additional liners?
    A: Yes you can purchase additional/spare liners including the Deluxe range at any time, they even have free postage!

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