Small Dogs Out Doing Car Booster Seat - Purple Sparkle lining*


Recommended for pets up to 5kg

Whether it be a short or long car ride, your precious little dog will love his own space and love the view. 
You'll have peace of mind too!!

Features & Benefits

  • Adjusts to window height so your precious little one can see out the window.
  • Adjustable strap attaches to dog's harness to secure your pup from jumping or falling out.
  • Aids in preventing car sickness and can have a calming effect to help your dog feel secure.
  • Helps keep your car clean from all that lovely dog hair.
  • Lightweight and sturdy with quality materials that collapses flat for quick & easy storage (includes handy zippered storage bag).
  • Padded inner front and back for those emergency brake moments.
  • Storage space under the booster seat for your bag, towels etc and zip pocket for leash, treats & toys etc.
  • Washable liner for those muddy paw days, sandy beach paw days, etc ("Deluxe Inspired Collection" handwash only).
  • Attaches to front  (close enough for a little pat or belly rub) or rear seats with headrest.
  • Seconds to install: just place one adjustable strap over the headrest and connect the other around the seat. 

PLEASE NOTE: This deluxe liner doesn't come with a little padded cushion.  Sparkles are also not along the back of the booster seat so as to avoid damage to your actual seat of the car.

Combined postage arranged where possible

Please contact me for any special requests

Product Dimensions:

S: 35 x 30 x 18cm / 13.5"L x 12"D x 7"H

*model and accessories not included